Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pledge to a Protein Bar

Four of my coaches went last weekend to an Olympic lifting training course and came back with tons of excitement and knowledge. But the thing that has made a much deeper impression on me are the snacks they brought back. I know it sounds dumb that I'm even writing about a snack bar but I can't get it out of my head...therefore I write. 

The snack bars I'm referring to are the new Strong & Kind bars. They are super yummy, have more protein than normal Kind bars and come in lots of really cool flavors like Honey Mustard, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Thai Sweet Chili, and Roasted JalapeƱo.

I ordered a box of each for the Sunshine Shoppe and while I was unpacking them I read this on the packaging:

The STRONG & KIND Pledge:
Have the courage to be kind when others may not.
Look out for those who can’t look out for themselves.
Stand up when others would rather stand out.
Leave their world a kinder place than they found it.

That really hit home with me. I have felt so weak a lot of ways. Trying to get The Core, our new CrossFit box open while getting ready to expand our Sunshine Shoppe, keeping our sweet babies happy and healthy and trying to stay on top of book keeping for two busineses, laundry, nutrition consultations, and living off of coffee and bacon has not left a lot of time to actually do CrossFit. I just started back this last week actually lifting with something other than a PVC pipe. Although I feel so much more confident in my technique and form, I have realized I have lost a lot of the strength I had this time last year. 

And to be honest I really like starting over in my training. I am not concerned with being able to lift heavy. More importantly I want to do it correctly but I do want to be strong as well. 

I think strength means different things to different people. Yes, I want to be confident in my ability to open jars, move furniture, and enjoy fun activities like rock climbing with my family but I also want a strong character. 

I have really struggled with what a strong character looks like these last months. My family and I have been hurt in a lot of ways in the process of starting this new business but we know what we are doing is good and right, the truth will always be true, and God will fight our battles. 

But I struggle. I want to scream my frustrations from the roof top sometimes. I want to defend myself and those I love. I want to confront and force the truth out. And because I don't do these things I feel like it makes me look weak although it honestly takes more strength than I actually posses. Thank goodness I have a husband who is stronger than I am and is continuously reminding me of who we are and more importantly who we represent. 

I have found that I struggle the most when I am not engaged in God's word, when I am not reading his promises, and reinforcing that he wants me to demonstrate gentleness, show love, have peace, be filled with his joy, and to be kind. Those things make me strong. He makes me strong. Even when I feel weak. 

And I am so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by people that continue to point us in the right direction, toward our goal, away from distractions. I am strengthened by their love, their support, their own strong character.

So though this experience has crushed me in ways that has taken me to my knees I realize that is exactly where I need to be. 

I am getting stronger. Don't mistake my lack of bulging muscles for weakness. I don't have to be The Hulk to change the world. I don't have to be loud to influence others. I don't have to be forceful to make an impact. Kindness is strength.